So much things to do in runescape a day!

I was just curious if anyone else feels the way i do about rs3 and runescape gold. I quit right before eoc came on due to the feeling they ruined the game with it. Now ive been back for a month or 2 but strictly osrs. Due to my little amount of time to play i really miss my main and all the progress i had made and countless hours put into building it up over the years. So i decided to check things out on rs3 and see if it was possible to go back to my old acc and there is just sooo much more stuff that i feel it impossible to even enjoy playing or get anywhere due to the massively rediculous amount of content thats been added, does anyone else feel like that or am i just a more simple game kind of person? 




Someone said that the game isn't very welcoming if you haven't kept up with the last couple years' major updates. It's certainly possible to adjust to the changes, but in many cases it seems that Jagex has failed to make that worthwhile.



And others said,The game is abit overwhelming now, so I can see where you're coming from.Especially when I came first came back to buy rs gold after taking about a year break.  I'm like, "What is this RS3 things!?". Honestly, I had no clue what was going on, lol.I personally don't mind it anymore though. To me, any update or add on is a good thing. It just takes time to get used to.