How old were you when you discovered Runescape

What exactly made you choose Runescape? One day I was on Miniclip and I found it, I got passed the tutorial and I've enjoyed it since.

That was interesting,everyone has different runescape experience,the following was someone says:

 My friends were playing it. I decided to give it a chance, and I'm still here despite repeated attempts to quit the game. Looking back retrospectively, it's got a few qualities that set it apart from other mmorpgs. I'm basically talking about quests, the combat triangle, and the skill system here. 

 Best friend was getting into it and told me to start playing. He helped me get started and set me off from there. He quit a good 5 years ago, but I'm still here. 

For me, I was 15, saw my brother playing Runescape Classic, and decided to try it out because I loved fantasy.I loved the freedom of being able to do whatever I wanted and I felt like a real adventurer.Took me only 10 weeks before I got membership. 

 I had a lot of friends who played and got me into it.

 I was 12 when I started, and I had members after 2 weeks. 

 I went to my friends house to get him to go out, and he was playing it. He helped set me up an account, and we played all afternoon with him showing me what it was all about. I've played ever since even though he's long gone. 

 I choosed runescape ,cuse my freinds sayd its easy and booring game and easy to level up(if you got much gp). 

 I chose Runescape because at the time it was the cheapest MMO that appealed to me. Nowadays there are so many quality free games that if I were in that position again RS would not register on the list of options.

 I was 16 when I started and choose it because I was bored of all the other games. It also sounded cool when I was talking to my friend about it the night before. I got p2p about 2 months after its release. 

 My best friend told me how great it was. What's funny is when I first tried it, I didnt care for it and went back to playing Club Penguin (lol...). However, it grew on me over the years and I'm still playing 7 years down the road. I seriously played a good 4 years at least in f2p before going p2p. Don't ask me why; I couldn't give you a good answer if I tried.

 When I was 12 (thus Galbatorix12), a close friend of mine at the time used to try to get me to try all the things he did. One day he was over my house and was excited about showing me a game, so from there I was introduced to RS. A group of us played together for a while so things were exciting, saving up money for that addy longsword in the Varrock sword shop and what not. They all quit after a while, here I am 10 years later...

 After the switch to EoC and my clan closed, I've moved on, but I like to lurk on these forums frequently. 

 My friend told me about it. I checked it out and I liked the game back then.

 My brother who is 23 now used to play RS back in classic back in like 2001 2002 I don't know can't really remember lol. He used to have alot of party hats and masks as they were more common back then. He would pay me to mine ore for him back in those days, I didn't know anything exept how to mine and bank lol. I made an account in RSC but never really liked it, so I again in 2005 or 2006 because my buddies at school played so thats when I truely began I guess.

I started playing on this account in May 2004 when I was 16, I got drawn into the game by two friends from my football team who were discussing about pking at some point. I trained up pretty quickly to their level, they gave me my first set of Mithril gear and I have been playing ever since (even though my friends quit about 7 years ago).My first goal was to get myself onto the top 250 F2P list which existed back then, I eventually reached it and got membership approximately one month before Farming came out (2005 I assume?).

 I play a lot less frequently than I used to, but it is still the only game I like playing.